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Betsy the pig has a new friend

Bijgewerkt op: 24 nov. 2021

If you have stayed with us before, you have surely met Betsy our pet pig. She normally makes her appearance during breakfast looking for bread or other goodies. I think she is probably the most photographed subject of Woods and Wine. We gave her an official job and she takes it very seriously. She is our official " barn manager ". She oversees all things "barn and horses ". Things like cleaning up food dropped by the horses and fluffing up the hay while she makes her bed are her top priorities. Other than that, she hangs out in the stalls waiting for her next food duties. But now to brighten her day she has found a new friend.....a chicken.

We have 6 chickens that spend their days in a large part of our garden that is fenced off especially for them. BUT 2 of our chickens are renegades. Every day, they jump the fence and root through our vegetable garden. While on their daily travels, one of these renegades has become friends with Betsy the pig. They hang out in the barn together and share the goodies they find. Then when it's time to lay her daily egg, she nestles next to Betsy in her bed and lays her egg which Betsy gladly eats. I think the only reason Betsy is allowing her new friend to hang out with her is that she gets to eat her egg every day, but the chicken thinks she has a friend forever.

Don't forget when staying with us to take a picture of Betsy and if your lucky her new friend will make an appearance.

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