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The Heide is in full bloom!!

Our walks with the dogs are even more beautiful now since the heide is in full bloom. Behind our domein , actually only a short 500m is the most beautiful serene path full of heide and birds. It's mostly a quiet trail so you hardly ever encounter anybody else. I love looking at the different colors the heide has, ranging from deep purple to light pink.

The dogs love this trail because we walk down to the lake and they can pretend to be brave by scaring the ducks . This trail connects to several different paths but we recommend the yellow marked trail which brings you past Thor Park.

If cycling is your pleasure, we are only 7km from the new cycling bridge stretched over a large span of heide in the Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen. On the bridge you can stop and admire the beauty.

For our guests that will be arriving this weekend, As has a special event planned for Saturday, Buiten Sporig ". Before corona time this was a super "gezellig" and cosy event with food trucks and live music located at the Station in As. Im assuming this edition will be just as good if not better. For sure worth the visit: For more info:


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